CryptoThrust X Missile Farm AMA

Guest: Max (Co-Founder Missile Farm)

I’m Max, the co-founder of Missile Farm. My background lies in the IT businesses. I’m a former machine learning developer.

So I quitted what I’m bad at and sought something that would give me passion-DeFi. I started building my team around connections that I know are specialist in this field. And now we are here, with our very first product-Missile Farm!

Missile Farm is a yield farming aggregator running on Binance Smart Chain. Its core feature-Missile Farm Vault is a yield optimizer platform focused on providing DeFi users with auto-compounded yields at empirical optimal intervals.
Kinda like beefy and autofarm on BSC, we advocate the notion that users are able to earn more by doing less.

Segment 1- Project Introduction

Q1) How User can do Yield farming and what are some of tokens and Pairs available?

Users can now farm directly at our website:

The tutorial for beginners is available here:

Q2) Till Now what features and products Missile Farm is providing?
Missile Farm
is still at its beta stage so not so many features are available. Currently, users are only able to use Missile Farm Vault, with the display of lottery page (but not purchasable yet).
But expect so many more to come in the near future!

Q3) Can you tell us about The Missile Lottery and how will it works?
Missile Lottery is like the traditional lottery. The differences are that users purchase ticket with $MSI and the algorithms to determine the winning numbers are through the HASH rate of a predetermined block on BSC(so it’s a bunch of completely randomized numbers, no manipulations!).

Each lottery ticket will cost one $MSI (Free ticket for every investor for the first draw!). There is not limit for how many tickets one can buy. Paying for one ticket will give users a random 5 digit combination with each digit being between 0–9, for e.g. “2–3–5–7–0”

Prize pool consists of 2% from the lottery fee paid by users when using Missile Farm vault + 1% from Team-owned $MSI as an alternative way to distribute Airdrops.

To win the lottery jackpot (50% of the entire lottery pool), users need to match all 5 numbers on their tickets in the same position as the 5 winning numbers.

If you don’t match all 5, no need to worry. As long as you match 3 or more numbers in the correct position, you are guaranteed to win a reward.

Q4)Tell us about $MSI and what are it’s Use Cases other then for Lottery?
Right now $MSI is pretty much just a governance token for Missile Farm. Other than this, you can simply trade $MSI on PancakeSwap using this link:

However, Team Missile Farm will not stop here, as developing more use cases for $MSI will significantly increase its value. In the future, users are able to use $MSI for option and derivatives trading, NFT items purchase, participating in Voting, and lending for other cryptos. Team Missile Farm is determined to create more use cases for MSI so that it is granted an intrinsic value rather than a nominal value.

Q5) I have seen that there is to-do list of all the work for, developing missile farm, which need to be done. from that list can you share what will be the next thing you are working on?
Our devs are focusing on developing lottery contracts. The algorithms are quite complex since it involves generating random number from on-chain hash rate, which is already randomized. We need to capture the hash rate first and let our algorithms work from there. It might need a little more time to finish so let’s expect the lottery to go live in mid to late May.

Q6) What are the other products and Features you will be touching or Implementing in the future, Like NFT ecosystem?
We have seen many projects are creating their own NFT items, but we don’t wanna just ride the rave of this trend. We found an opportunity rather in this trend that there is a lack of trading/exchange platform for NFT. So we think why not create an NFT platform that allows users to exchange, share, show off their ownings. More exposure means more recognition means more volume. It could be huge.

Other than creating an NFT ecosystem, the Missile Swap, Options and derivative trading, and portfolio management tools are also included in our roadmap as our core features.

Segment 2- Questions from Twitter

Q1) What do you think about the boom of the NFT + DeFi association that is causing so much interest in the world? How does Your project take advantage of and exploit this reality?
Defi solve the finance freedom issue, and NFT solve the “Emotional issue of owning something”. Both are very unique and hard to cope with in current world but important. What I can see in the content creation industry these two elements can join together and help to solve the copyright and earning transfer issue which now is hard to solve in the content industry. Just like I mentioned, there is still a huge opportunity for us to exploit on the NFT market, as the demand for exchanging NFTs is not yet fulfilled, with perhaps cross-chain technology untapped. So Team Missile Farm will definitely look into that and come up with our own NFT exchange platform for all DeFi users!

Q2) Yield farming has come to stay in the DEFI space, please tell us how Missile Farm compares to many yield farms offering high APY on liquidity staking, and why would crypto investors pick it over other yield farming opportunities?
We are well aware that there are many Yield Farming projects out there. But Missile Farm has these advantages:
1. We provide the lowest vault fees
2. We have better auto-compounding rates
3. We give away users tokens with the lottery mechanics and with huge lottery pot

Q3) The only way the blockchain industry will expand and grow is if we have users that will be able to use products with ease. What are some of the unique features of Missile Farm that would help attract more users ?
You are absolutely right. For too long, blockchain technology has been too complicated to use. Missile Farm’s platform has an intuitive UI design, which will boost UX dramatically. The team’s background in the enterprise also helps make the platform smooth and efficient.
Combined with ease of use and Defi integration, I think a lot of users will seek out Missile Farm, not only because it’s unique, but also it provides lower cost and more value.

Q4) What is the competitive advantage of your project? Can you point out the strengths of your project that other projects do not have to attract investors?
For a project that is still so young and energized, the main advantage now is our fresh APY that gives hefty returns to users. Many investors, in my opinion, are here to make more money. So there you go, there is literally MORE money in the vault that no other project could compete.

Q5) I honestly think everyone just want to ride the rave of the moment DeFi, not that they truly have any value to add. How can we trust Missile Farm as regards this, that you’re truly adding value?
Added value for combining innovative ideas together to form a new product.
Added value from swap incentives.
Added value from users are farming in a safu environment.
Team Missile is striving to innovate and improve everyday. We believe that Missile Farm is going to add even more tremendous value in the future!

However, I wanted to point out that the “value” depends on what standards you are using. If you are comparing the value added by Ethereum and Bitcoin, then any projects would pale in comparison. These two make breakthroughs in technology, which in my opinion are the real values. But as for “small” values, those are what we have done.

Segment 3- Live Telegram Session

Q1) You have already created $MSI tokens, what is your motivation for making $MSI tokens ?? and what will we see in the future regarding MISSILE FARM? How can you tell us as token holders how to benefit from MISSILEFARM token?
How do you plan to spread awareness about MISSILEFARM in different countries where English is not spoken well? Do you have local communities for them to let them better understand about MISSILEFARM??
Right now we have multiple regional communities, check them out here:

🇫🇷Missile Farm FR:

🇨🇳Missile Farm CN:

🇯🇵Missile Farm JP:

🇵🇭Missile Farm PH:

🇪🇸Missile Farm ESP:

All pretty active, and we have Vietnam and Brazil in the list. We wanna make Missile Farm as globally recognized as it can be,

Q2) In your roadmap you said that in the fourth quarter of this year they will work with NFTs. Can you give more information about this proposal? Will your NFTs be outer space themed? What real utility will your NFTs have within your ecosystem?
Some spoiler alert: NFT will include different types of missiles from around the globe. As well as satellites, planets, and yes some outer space themed stuff. NFTs will be used as something to peg for in our NFT trading platform.

Q3) Have you think the power of community will increase the project growth? What your strategies for build a strongest community?
“Community Rules Everything.” This is the slogan for BadgerDAO. We believe in this as well. So we wanna create a decentralised community by adopting DAO governance with Argon, and voting with, and many more.

Q4) Without proper marketing and capital infusion, project dies, how do you convince us you have adequate marketing power and capital to push this project to the top project?
We diluted the tokens as much as possible among many important partners that committed themselves to support and help us to grow and become global.

Besides that, we have strong marketing team and plan that will give the project all the support needed. We also have a partnership with EAK Digital and Altvest that will bring great value in terms of marketing strategies.

Also, we have onboarded many important influencers in the crypto market that will help divulge the protocol around the world.

In addition to that, we have a lot of ideas to implement in NFT. When our NFT platform comes out, it will definitely bring more exposure to Missile Farm.

Q5) Do you have AUDIT certificates, or are you working to AUDIT your project, to make it more secure and reliable?
Auditing reports from ImmuneBytes will be available before May 12 as they promised.

More Information about Missile Farm:



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