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CryptoThrust X Low Orbit Crypto Cannon AMA

CryptoThrust X Low Orbit Crypto Cannon

Guest: Polaris (co-founder)

I’m Polaris, co-founder of Low Orbit Crypto Cannon with my 4 others teammate, I’m in charge of LOCC’s contracts and website. I’m doing solidity for 2 years now and Web3 website since 4 years

Segment 1- Project Introduction

Q1 What is LOCC project and what are it’s features?
Low Orbit Crypto Cannon
is a crypto highly deflationary lottery token made for the community.
Ruled by simple, yet powerful and efficient smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain: Fees are generated from each trade, half is partially burned, half is sent to the Low Orbit Propulsion Contract and then one staking Astronaut is selected for propulsion every 276 (~1 hour) ETH blocks.
This lucky Astronaut receives all of the past collected fees!

Q2 What is PROPULSION WAVE and how one can participate in it can get rewarded?
A Propulsion wave, is an event that occurs at a regular interval (at the moment, it’s every 276 blocks, about 1 hour) during which a staker is elected to be sent into orbit!
In order to participate in future propulsions, and potentially earn all fees 🎉 collected by the Low Orbit Thruster Contract, the only thing you need to do is wager a minimum of 0.055 $LOCC through our staking page.

>on what basis is the winner selected or it’s random?
-It’s totally random, everyone has the same chance to win
>So if I stake more or less $LOCC, I will be the equal chance to be chosen?
-Yes absolutely

Q3 Please briefly tell us about $LOCC Token and it’s Tokenomics. What are it’s utility?
The total supply of the $LOCC token is 1000. As for the circulation supply, a good orbit cannon needs a proper economy: almost every $LOCC minted (800) will be in circulation and have been completely used in the public sale.
There is a limit of 500 $LOCC burned to avoid the supply going to zero. This means that the market cap can be multiplied at each transfer and on token burning events.
We employ such simple functions, strong and powerful: each time a transfer occurs on the $LOCC ERC-20 token or any buy/sell occurring over Uniswap:

  • 5% of the amount is burned from the supply 🔥
    - 5% of the amount is sent to the Low Orbit Propulsor Contract for the next propulsion 🚀

Q4 Can you share the RoadMap? As of now we can earn by taking part in Propulsion Wave and earn reward, what’s next? What is the motive of this project?
Of course! For the moment, given that we already have a functional product, we are concentrating on the communications aspects. We try to give maximum visibility to our project through various partnerships.
In the near future, here is what we have in mind in order to evolve our protocol: a DAO Platform for Governance involving more community driven decisions, Community Growing Incentives, Application on Major Tier 1 Exchanges, Custom Farming Program and more to come 👍

Segment 2- Questions from Twitter

Q1) Ethereum is killing it’s users for the high has fee. Why you decided to use Ethereum while we are now in the era of BSC?
We decided to launch our project on Ethereum because it is thanks to this blockchain that we are here today, many members of the team have been following this project from the beginning and therefore wanted to launch LOCC on it. We plan to scale in a few months relying on a solution of L2 or ZK Rollup, at this stage we have not yet selected a solution.
We are also investigating the possibility of making Low Orbit Crypto Cannon multi-chain by extending it on the BSC

Q2 ) What are the great achievements that your project has achieved so far? What difficulties and risks did you encounter during project implementation and what factors helped motivate you to overcome difficulties?
We have a fully functional solution, an absolutely extraordinary site and a revolutionary idea. We raised 300 ETH in less than three minutes, which proves our ability to attract investors.
We nevertheless encountered some difficulties such as the price of the gwei which almost reached an ATH the night of our launch, or the drama with Vitalik and the Shiba, not to mention our dear friend Elon Musk who did not help the market and all of that happening few minutes before our launch 😅
What helps us the most to move forward day after day is the feedback from our community, a lot of people support us and it is an incredible pleasure when one of our members wins a propulsion.

Q3) There are many projects in the crypto market who have cloning another project, making utopian promises but whose main intention is to get rich just by selling tokens. Do you have realistic, creative & original aspects that distinguish you from these negative examples?
LOCC is really a unique project in all aspects, its tokenomics are new, so is the space lottery system, we really focused on the community aspect.
Absolutely nothing was taken from another project, everything was done by hand by our team: contracts, website, dapp, images and illustrations, etc…
To put it simply, there are currently no other projects similar to LOCC on Ethereum 🚀

Q4) Would you mind telling a bit more about the team and some of their profiles? Because I have seen many projects kick-off with inexperienced team members and some of them don’t go well due to mistakes.
So I as said earlier, we are 5 teammates working on Low Orbit Crypto Cannon (LOCC). Our team is composed as follows:
- 2 blockchain engineers (evm, solidity)
- 1 dApp developer (web3, react)
- 1 graphic designer
- 1 marketing specialist
We’re all crypto-veterans 👍
We have also successfully completed an Identity Verification Procedure (KYC) 🔍 performed by the Unicrypt platform.

Q5) Low Orbit Crypto Cannon deployed a new version of the Proposer Contract. Can you elaborate to us contract. And what positive results can provide this to the investor?
Yes, basically with this contract, we’ve shifted the responsibility for the “burn” of LOCCs from the Low Orbit Crypto Cannon Token (Contract) to the Low Orbit Propulsion Contract V2 with the aim of reducing transaction fees on the ERC20 token.
With this update we’ve also decided to lower the minimum amount of staking to 0.055 LOCC

Segment 3- Live Telegram Session

Q1 Where can we buy $LOCC , is it already listed on Exchange or still in presale stage, and what are the benefits of buying $LOCC and holding it for a long term ?
For now we’re on Uniswap V2, so you can buy it here our liquidity is bootstrapped from our raised funds. We’re in discussion with and others exchange will come next

Q2 Are you planning to promote your project in countries / regions where English is not good? Do you have a local community for them to better understand your project??
Yes absolutely, we’re actually writing some localized articles that will be out this week

Q3 At this moment, which one the most Necessary for your project:
1. Investors
2. Community
3. Market/Exchange
and why?

IMO community and market / exchange because we need to have a circle effect from all of theses, this can be send LOCC very high

Q4 Will you provide your service globally or can be used only within certain countries?
It’s available globally, there is absolutely no limitation of usage and the same for buying it on DEXs

Q5 🚀Why you have choose Erc-20 chain? Do you think it will become better after layer 2 solution or you will move to another chain like emerging BSC or HECO?
As I said we’re actually looking for scaling solution on the ETH network but also looking for BSC multi-chain integration

More Information about LOCC:
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