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CryptoThrust X FABWELT AMA

Guests: BB Spike (Founder) & Abhishek Pegada (CEO)

Abhishek: Hi! I am Abhishek Pegada, a blockchain technology admirer and CEO at Fabwelt.
BB: I am BB Spike, i’m from Holland. Founder of Fabwelt. Since 2017 into the crypto space.

Segment 1- Project Introduction

Q1) What is FABWELT and what are its features? Please give a brief introduction.
Fabwelt Token is a revolutionary concept which brings the world of blockchain, NFTs and future gaming together. Gaming is a big growing industry in this period. It is expected to grow with diverse opportunities for user wanting it. Blockchain industry provides a breathtaking platform for all the gamers which is fruitful to many of them in terms of utilities, incentives, and rewards. With todays and the future technology, Fabwelt introduces NFT integration to gameplay as a utility. Imagine a game world that can be modified and changed by its players as they see fit for their game strategy to come out as a winner. Fabwelt will provide just that by using the NFT technology giving a player that owns a unique, rare NFT as a incentive for all kind of games rules and setting during the game. Seeking these rare NFTs will become part of the whole game strategy.
So Fabwelt will be a utility token for the gaming industry on the Polygon ecosystem.

Q2) Can you please tell us about FABWELT’s team & advisors?
We are a core team of 3 members:
BB Spike — Founder
5 years of blockchain technology experience. Development head
Jesse Lauttalammi — Co-founder,
Years of marketing and investment experience in cryptocurrency markets
Abhishek Pegada — CEO
Automotive Engineer, Blockchain technology admirer
7 other team members
Praveen Gujjari — Digital Specialist
Vivek Sagar Sahu — Backend Developer, Technical
Abhishek Sharma — NFT market

Q3) Could you please tell us about the tokenomics & utilities of FABWELT token?
Let me list the tokenomics first
Fabwelt has a aximum supply of 500 Million FWLT tokens
The smartcontract is programmed with some taxes. We dont have a burn tax, cause we are a utility token.
The tax fees are:
• 1% liquidity fee
• 1% tax for holders at every transaction
• 1% governance fee at every transaction to development wallet
The governance wallet is used for marketing and development so we keep up the quality of Fabwelt
Also we have a antiwhale mechansim: Maximum of 2% of circulation supply wallet transfer per transaction
The 500M supply is divided on contractdeploy as followed:
• 100 Million FWLT tokens will be reserved for staking rewards
• 25 Million FWLT token will be reserved for development and marketing
• 20 Million FWLT tokens will be reserved for bounty programs
we do not have teamtoken and no private sale.
About the utilities:
Fabwelt will produce a wide range of utility for its main token FWLT:
• NFTs as in-game utility
• Fantasy game integration
• Staking
• NFT market
• Giving upcoming artist a unique platform concept
Some of these utilities need some further explaining but I really advice everyone to read the whitepaper for that.

Q4) Which blockchain is $FWLT on?
Ethereum Based Polygon (Previously known as Matic) network.

Q5) How can one earn FABWELT tokens for free?
Right now we have a bounty program running. With simple task like retweeting or creating a video about Fabwelt you can earn free Fabwelt. The bounty program is running till August 17 2021. You can apply for this @ We also planned another bounty program in a couple of months. Details will follow later.

Q6) Partnership is one of the important factor of the project’s growth, could you please tell us about FABWELT partnership(s)?
Indeed, we do believe in partnerships.
Fabwelt partners with:
Polygon (Matic) for using the blockchain and for future developments
SafeEth strategic partnership
GameX strategic for game development
We are also in talks with Chaingames for the development of gaming platform.

Q7) What kind of expectations can we have from FABWELT in the near future? (Any event/update)
Our public sale is coming up tomorrow! So that's real quick. We also already have a Founders Edition NFT auction online, And we will do that more ofter.
After the sale Fabwelt will be listed on Polygons main DEX Quickswap. Shortly after we will implement staking feature for Fabwelt.
For 2021 we follow our roadmap as shown here:

Segment 2- Questions from Twitter

Q1) What is your strategy for building a strong community? Do you agree that the power of the community will lead Fabwelt to develop globally? What services do you provide to the community?
Fabwelt is on various platforms/mediums, where we announce, interact, and have fun with our members. We provide as quick assistance as possible; we are available. We are transparent and engage our community members by valuing their decisions towards FABWELT development. Our community provides us a lot of motivation and we believe a community gives a majority decisions, which are ultimately chosen. After all, so many crypto followers cannot be incorrect. We organise weekly activities with decent rewards. We have officially announced “BOUNTY CAMPAIGN’, easy ways to build interest about FABWELT, with FWLT tokens as rewards.
The community is what drives this project, we will not forget the Fabwelt community.

Q2) Fabwelt has a feature for minting mixed reality NFTs on Polygon L2 chain, can you explain the differences of doing it on one or another? Can you explain the benefits you offer to content creators from all types? Can these content be monetized and exported?
Yes, one correction. Fabwelt does not feature direct NFT minting for content creators. Fabwelt will use NFT technology for in-game usage and for collectables.
But Fabwelt will seek collaboration with upcoming artist for collectables. We offer them to ride with the name of Fabwelt and our marketing. An artist will receive royalties of 10% off each sale in the future.

Re: Oh, that would also work the same way. Won’t it?
The NFT tech as collectables for art etc yes, it works like other platform. Different is that Fabwelt is not a NFT market where everyone can sell NFTs. The NFT market that Fabwelt will create is for selling in-game NFTs. These are the NFTs used in the Fabwelt ecosystem to control in-games settings and rules to use as a strategy during gameplay. On the Fabwelt NFT market also collectables will be sold, but these artist are selected by Fabwelt only. Its not a open NFT selling platform. Thats the differents.

Q3) Currently, there are many DeFi platforms, especially games that offer NFT collections. However, the holder finds it difficult to sell the collection. What is the solution given by #FABWELT?
Fabwelt is not a Defi project, we are a utility token for the gaming Industry.
The value of a NFT within the Fabwelt ecosystem has there own value because every NFT has a utility. Collectables you can earn by staking or by the auction that Fabwelt will host can be sold on any other NFT platfrom.

Q4) High gas prices and scalability are considered to be the most important issues for NFT marketplaces. How do you plan to solve this problem?
This is exactly why Fabwelt choose to use the Polygon ecosystem. Polygon L2 on the Ethereum network gives us very low fees and fast transactions that are needed for in-game blockchain usage.

Q5) Regarding about the current market situation is too unstable, holding back investors.. So can you give me some good reasons why I should buy your tokens in this market situation? And also why should your token holder keep holding?
Market situation is something we cannot change. It is not constant, If it isn’t good now, It will be later. The reason to buy our token is with the use cases we try to build an ecosystem which is sustainable. The idea behind blockchain technology is sustainability. Holding the tokens will open many doors to participate on Fabwelt platform.
The market is saturated by memecoins and coins with no utility. Fabwelt has a real usecase coming up. Because the Fabwelt project creates its own entire ecosystem within the big gaming industry it will have value and continue to grow so.

Segment 3- Live Telegram Session

Q1) Almost 80% investors have just focused on price of token in short term instead of understanding the real value of the project. Can you tell us on motivations and benefits for investors to hold your token in long term?
As explained earlier, we try to be sustainable, in this way the value of project will improve and increase. That is also why, we have a public sale, not a private one. We launch tomorrow 12:00 PM UTC.

Q2) Does your project have plans to expand to other blockchain networks besides ethereum in the future? BSC or Polkadot for example.
For now it is Polygon, we plan to expand to other blockchains too. Some which are still not known and going to be good L1 and some which are widely known.

Q3) Do you have a Token Burning plan to increase Token value and attract Investors to invest?
Token burning is not there in Fabwelt case. We are a utility token. The number of tokens remains the same.

Q4) What plan does Fabwelt have for the NFT and gaming world and is this project safe and secure to use?
Is there any way users can earn to additional bonus on Fabwelt?
Please read our Whitepaper to know about our plans. Yes users can earn free Fabwelt Tokens with our bounty campaign. Also, we will introduce Staking after listing.

Q5) Do you have AUDIT certificates, or are you working to AUDIT your project, to make it more secure and reliable?
Not yet. We are working towards Auditing. We will ensure it is safe and secure.

More information about FABWELT:
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