CryptoThrust X ccFOUND AMA

Guest: Piotr Michalak (CEO)

Guys, I’ve been doing business for the past 15 years online. Always in the education & information industry. Built a multi-million dollar company from scratch: that’s the largest crypto publishing house in Poland. And…
That’s what inspired me to finally solve some of the information industry problems that no one seems to know how to solve. So…
Last year I’ve done a private sale for ccFOUND and generated 1.3M USD in two weeks. We hired 30 people. And here we are, going international now. Please understand, I am more of a normal businessperson than a crypto guy. Although I bought my first Bitcoins in 2011 for $10 a piece and remember Mt.Gox crash 🙂
I’ve also trained 1000+ crypto investors myself and brought them to the market. Some of them are millionaires now hopefully 🙂

Segment 1- Project Introduction

Q1) What is ccFOUND and what is it going to provide? Please give a brief introduction
In summary, will be the biggest knowledge and wisdom search engine (and marketplace) on the internet
In a way, it’s a “google killer” — a way to search not for information, as in the big G, but for knowledge, which is pretty different thing
If you look closely, it will resemble Facebook or Quora rather than G.
Because it’s a human-to-human (P2P) device
Because it’s only people that can advise other people, there’s no AI for that yet, and there won’t be soon
However it’s very different when you look at the internal processes
It will put valuable knowledge first, not entertainment and funny cats videos and memes, which we love, but media pauperization is a thing
And we want to bring value back to the internet
So imagine a platform like Quora — questions and answers, but…
More relevant ones, more real life ones, more touching ones
More practical ones, touching on the subject of what is going on in your life, in your investments, in what you are actually looking for
And then… imagine that all of the content is sorted and organized in a neat and understandable way
You get questions in each and every category sorted by upvotes, maybe weighted by reputation and coin holdings in the future
Simple, easy to understand for the users and community
Then imagine everything being translated into each and every other language on the fly
What you receive is a huge, international knowledge and wisdom database
Like a table of content regarding every topic
And everyone is able to help every other person regardless which language you use
No one does this nowadays and it will be game changing
No one connected people internationally like that so far
Finally you have the FOUND coin which allows you to earn 50% of the platforms income (or rather: a portion of that, as a tokened)

Q2) Can you please introduce ccFOUND team?

So there’s like circa 30 people now, but starting with the management…
Karol was with me when we
…done the private sale, just a 2-man army, 2 weeks, 1.3 mill USD — thanks to him and his help
He is my right hand, like second-after-CEO, a great administrator, and keeps the vision intact throughout the organization
So everyone understands what we do
Then we went on and hired Wiktoria
She is actually my protégé from my entrepreneurship program I done in the past
She studied under me for 2 years! And learned all my management techniques
She took her own HR business to millions first
And came to work with me, building the management board in just a month!
So then we hired Rafał, a CMO who created his 100-person company, went IPO and later sold it
That was Polands first content marketing agency (sic!)
And Grzegorz, CTO, is pure genius… he know everything from programming microprocessors to blockchain and managing people, he holds patents and stakes at 6 manufacturing companies…
So stemming up from this we’ve built a great team. I could go on and on.

Q3) Could you please tell us about the tokenomics & utilities of $FOUND Token?
FOUND token or rather coin, as we like to call it (we plan to have our own blockchain, yes)
I’m pretty proud of what we designed. Because it was specifically engineered to grow on value. How?
So ccFOUND will be a knowledge marketplace with many information products
Only community members that have built reputation will be allowed to sell on the marketplace (publish their information products, like online courses, eBooks etc.)
People who like these guys will buy their information products and ccFOUND receives revenue
We will take in all forms of money: USD, EUR… BTC, ETH… FOUND…
You DON’T have to use FOUND coins for payments
What ccFOUND smart contracts will do is…
Take the money and exchange it into FOUND coins on exchanges (and our own DEX in the future)
So we create internal demand from ALL of the platforms revenues
And we already do this kind of business and know how it works and we monetize at 125$ per user per year in Poland already, so it is proven
Then the products author receives up to 80% commission — in FOUND coins — he can keep them or sell them
But he will be enticed to keep them. Why?
Because all token holders receive TOKENDS
From the minimum 20% margin that is left for ccFOUND marketplace, 50% of that is sent to the holders
Automatically, every day
So it’s better than dividends in a company
DAO is a better form of a company, as we can see
10% of the margin will be burned, so you get… lower supply! yay
So with lower supply + internal demand = FOUND coin price growth

Q4) Partnership is one of the important factor of the project’s growth, could you please tell us about ccFOUND partnership(s)?
First of all we stem out of our sponsor — that’s the company I told you about, the biggest crypto publishing house in Poland, Cryptography Research
This one has invested in the creation of ccFOUND
Like close to $200.000
And it has 50.000 subscribers on it’s list and promoted ccFOUND and will continue to do so
This company has access to biggest influencers in Poland and promotes ccFOUND here
Next we have BitBay and Kanga Exchange
These are biggest crypto exchanges in Poland and we are working with them regarding promotion and future listings
We also have Phil Konieczny — the largest crypto name here, with almost 200k on YouTube
But it’s still an early stage and we are talking to institutional investors and try to get more bigger partners on board soon
If you subscribe to our social media you will get info on that… I can’t give away too much information at this stage, I hope you understand 🙂

Q5) What kind of expectations should we have from ccFOUND in the near future? (Any event/update)
So we have just started our public crowdfunding on a few days ago — and it will go on for 9 months with a daily auction each and every day from now
I am running live webinars so you can see me and meet me almost every week — but if you have no time, you can view a recording on ccFOUND YouTube channel also
We will be posting an update later this year with public beta of the platform launching
We done an MVP later last year but received feedback to redesign how it looks and now implement it, so this alpha version is closed
We focus on the crowdfunding now, with IT team developing the smart contracts and marketplace capabilities now in the background
Each and every week you can meet with us on the upcoming webinars, interviews and AMAs — that’s what we focus on right now to build a stronger international community
And I forgot to mention
That our community here in PL/EU is 50.000 people now
But we have just started building the EN community recently, so please jump in!

Segment 2- Questions from Twitter

Q1) Each project has interesting stories before it is created. So can you tell people about the story that gave you the motivation to build and develop a great project like yours?
So you have heard above that I am running information businesses for the past 15 years, and…
What I have always seen in this industry goes like following
Someone is posting a lot of content online, builds a subscriber base and becomes a guru / authority figure
People read this person blog, watch his movies on YT
There is one inherent problem with that
The bigger his or hers popularity becomes, the harder it is to reach this person
He or her becomes more and more detached from the community he or her created
He does no longer touch real problems that people have
He may earn more money and is even more detached from normal people that do not live on the same level
Regardless what the topic is: investments, business, health and medicine or relationships…
What our current internet produces are narcissistic gurus
That’s the one and probably best way to become a so called “expert” on the internet, and it DOES NOT SERVE US, the people
We need to go the other way around
When I started out, I just helped people on the forums
There was a popular entrepreneur forum in Poland and I answered questions
Now it is closed… and if I were to do it again, I would have to go through THOUSANDS of facebook and linked in groups like crazy
I call it community defragmentation
So I also see internet is less and less used for education, for solving real problems, for giving value
For example a few years back you would go to online portals for information (like news — what happened)
Now these portals have pauperized and write about celebrities, sex, and other trash
That’s the way internet is going: into more entertainment, shorter attention span, lower quality
But ccFOUND brings back what was good about being online:
Helping people to help other people
Allowing people to build their reputation online
Letting knowledge providers monetize easily
Washout hiring people to build their so called “online presence”
Organizing all of this knowledge in a simple way
Without AI and machine learning algorithms that try to judge what you want to read for you, not knowing you really
We bring back what is good, but at the same time…
Kill the censorship, decentralise, monetize in a good way, and last but not least…
Put all of this in your hands, as co-owners of the platform

Q2) The Past was about information, the Present is about knowledge and the Future is about wisdom. So my question is, what is the difference among knowledge, wisdom and information?
Now this is an important one for everybody to grasp nowadays
Some people think you can find everything online. But you cant
For example you can type “Polkadot” or “II world war” in Google
And you will get some information. Maybe definitions. Maybe some news and articles. Maybe an analysis on YT.
But what do you really want?
Maybe you were actually thinking this:
“I have like $1000 spare money. Should I invest in Polkadot? Should I do it knowing that I can / can’t risk it? And my situation is like this?: (…)”
That’s actually a more wisdom-related question
Were you ask for advice… real life advice gives you wisdom what to do in your life
It is wisdom that is actionable at the end… helps you make decisions
And Google can’t advise you… it never will
Researchers say this:
Information is already democratised — everyone has equal access to it
Information gives you little competitive advantage
From information you can derive knowledge
But a lot of knowledge it NOT online
Knowledge is for example know-how… How to create an Ethereum competitor? Polkadot may be one, but you won’t find actual know-how online so easily
Or how to produce something… It is secure information only in a company that produces this thing, right?|
Look also at this:

There is information on the surface web… deep web… dark web… and there is information that NO ONE EVER did put on the web!
For example if I build a company… or I invest in crypto or companies…
There are businesspeople or investors that will never ever publish their thing online!
Why should they? They don’t have to
That’s why at some level you work with mentors and coaches
And you find yourself these people but…
This is only attainable for guys who are already big enough
Why not democratise ADVICE (knowledge & wisdom) too?
Why not create a way for people to reach mentors and other helpful people online in a way, that would motivate the other side to help?
ccFOUND was created to motivate mentors so it would be meaningful to build reputation on the platform

Q3) “The past is about
information, Right now is about
knowledge, The future is about
I agree with you! #ccFOUND will replace Google someday!
But how does your machine educate and connect billions of people on the internet?
So regarding the last question
If you have questions from the community… and ours is 50.000 now in Poland, and we are building the EN community first…
Just about 1500 people now…
You could say, how will you reach other countries?
I personally know only English and Polish, so I can’t write in Hindu or Japanese
That’s where we go into this thing I told you before
And it is huge
We will translate every content… every question, every answer…
Into every other language
Not all languages at the start, we will roll out gradually
This incurs huge API costs
Maybe in the future we will buy one of the language AI companies
There are like 15 services like that, maybe more, not only Google Translate
They get better and better every day
They are typically used for ecommerce like product translations and reviews
NO ONE uses them for knowledge nowadays
We will be the first
And you may ask — but these translations are of low quality?
Well, they get better, like I said, but …
There is also community
And FOUND coins and reputation to be earned
Some people will work for the DAO as translators
And help correct these translations for rewards 🙂
And this is just and example of many kinds of processes that will be going on the DAO
To automatise the whole platform, to make it work as one big machine, as a company on a cloud
So once you have ccFOUND in each language…
Even if we have no people in, let’s say, Japan
People who created content in Poland, States, India, etc. — all of this will be also in Japanes
And it will be visible in their Google or Yahoo search engine
And guess what Google likes most?
And we will have THOUSANDS of them
In every language
The biggest knowledge database in the world is born

Q4) On your Whitapaper, I saw that ccFound’s stages of development follow the structure of: Cryptocurrencies for polish users, Investments for English speakers, and an “All topic” meant to be worldwide, yet, why did you choose to follow this unsuaul structure? Plus, why Polish first?
I appreciate questions from you man (I mean the author of this), they were very intelligent. I had to choose just one…
So. We start here in Poland from our 50k user database because that’s what we have and most of them are crypto investors
There’s also my older 35k strong community of entrepreneurs, as I was a so called “business guru” for the first 12 of my 15 years in business, before I set up this crypto publishing house
It’s best to start where you are with what you got and that’s what others did like Facebook at universities or Uber in San Francisco only
And scale up from that, and that’s what we do
Focus on investments and English community first
That’s what we know
And notice that there is practically no investment related brand that would dominate the market top-of-the mind right now
There is no “investment coca cola” so to speak
ccFOUND may become one
Investopedia was one for me but it is actually not to big according to Alexa
And Warren Buffet is only a personal brand
So in short, we go into broader investment, financial, business soon, English market
Then we go into all other topics, scaling ccFOUND up with medicine, health, law, design and other problems that people want to talk about
Partially we will lead this process
And partially the community will inspire us with their questions, the categories and tags that they start to use often

Q5) Can you point to a feature that you like best on the platform so that it can compete with other competitors? What are you most confident about about your background? Do you have a plan to get users to choose your platform?
What I like most is actually not one feature
If you look at features, you are looking at the wrong side
See: what is facebooks feature? Is it a wall on which you paste what’s going on?
Or what is twitters feature? Is it posting sms-long messages on the wall?
That’s too simple way to look at social media platforms
So what we are competing at is creating a differently working SET of FEATURES and a different CULTURE of growing a healthy COMMUNITY
It’s about the people
And it’s about the processes that govern the DAO
So first we put this social medium into peoples hands… but gradually
We allow the people to earn on the platform
We allow the people to sell their products
We no longer sell the people to other advertisers like FB does
You are not a product
You are the owner
So next how do we do this?
For example once you post anything COVID or vaccine related now on youtube
It will probably be taken down by censoring algorithm
People get their channels blocked all the time
And then they have to write to support specialists working in another country
Company employees that do not care about your channel, that you may have been building for the last 5 years
That’s the same with crypto
Even we have had our ads blocked on facebook yesterday because of the censoring bots
They are not even real people
On ccFOUND only the community will be able to report and block content
And if you, as a creator feel that you have been judged wrongly…
You will be able to elevate the matter in an internal court
There’s a 4-layer judicial system designed by me
It’s already in place in the alpha
There’s many more examples like this
We will also hire our own editors to ask and answer some of the questions to kickstart the community a little bit, to give a stronger push and to show people how we want this to look like
That’s probably what quora does too, however ends with curio-questions, little real life problems
So we have to actively shape the culture of the community
And that’s also where we will win hopefully 🙂
Much more could be said 🙂

Segment 3- Live Telegram Session

Q1) Do you have AUDIT certificates, or are you working to AUDIT your project, to make it more secure and reliable?
Actually guys, FOUND coin is not on Ethereum but on Binance Smart Chain, BEP-20 token, and we have been audited, please see our results here:

Q2) What is the value and usefulness of $ccFOUND in ccFOUND ? What opportunities do token holders have in the short and long term?
It may be a good time to share something more about our projected ROI.
In the beginning I thought we would grow gradually like this:

Sales is actually derived from our current numbers at our current business — these are like real life numbers

That’s what we do right now

So you get a projection of the ROI of tokends — just hold your coins and you get an ROI in a few years + you still have your coins which are worth more

And that’s how the coins should grow
But actually one of our advisors, Erika who works with institutional investors, she analysed social media
And she says that our number are pessimistic
Even though you can see like 300x — 1000x ROI there
She analysed it like that:

She is going from 50k users 10x (tenfold) per year at the start, that’s what the numbers were for many todays social media sites

That’s the ROI she calculated
It’s just a projection
This is not financial advice
But you can see, this is a potentially very, very good business to be in

Q3) Regulations are important, Many projects have been shut down in many countries because they are not using the right regulations and licenses. In order to reach the whole world, How ccFOUND handle this problem?
This is important in our project actually. In the beginning I thought…
Why not make this a true DAO?
I don’t know if you guys know…
But currently only Bitcoin is a truly true DAO
Unfortunately ccFOUND is a bit more complicated than bitcoin
There are more processes governing the community
It’s a whole platform
Also laws say that if this DAO earns money… I could be personally taxed
So I no longer could be Satoshi 😉 😂
Since I already told publicly I am doing this
But please understand
I am in business for 15 years, never had any problems with the law
I do everything according to the law and compliant
To the best of my abilities that is, because laws get ultra-complicated nowadays
So even at ccFOUND I interviewed 6 law firms before I did chose one to work with and set this up
Now we have like 5 companies that form the ccFOUND structure, different for different regions
We have a full KYC and AML process of course
We have 3 internal lawyers on board
So understand guys, this is a serious business
And we are not going anywhere… only up 🙂

Q4) Platforms like Quora and Facebook collect user data, and we don’t know if this data is traded without permission. How do you ensure that user data in ccFOUND is safe and not used without permission?
We do not even plan to open any advertisement system in
What we plan to do is create an internal marketplace
You and the platform may earn much more by just trading with each other than by selling data to advertisers
We also plan to build our own services package around the community
For example we plan to build our own DEX (decentralised exchange)
That makes sense as it is synergistic. Look:
Someone asks on ccFOUND “What to invest in right now”
Someone else says “Purchase XYZrandomnameXYZ coins”
And makes a case for these coins
It may end right here
But it could also end by letting the reader purchase these coins straight away from our DEX easily and in the same place and using wallet integration on our platform
That’s just one scenario
Imagine also how many people nowadays can’t monetise at all on Facebook, Quora or Forums
We will create a payment gateway for them
You will be able to sell your products (information, ebooks, courses, video, mp3…) just by pasting a payment link on any other platform
Payment will go through ccFOUND
This gateway will send the product to the buyer
And thus you can monetise on any other platform
And we still earn money as ccFOUND community and holders
I could go on and on 🙂 There’s no reason to sell users data, it does not make sense, we could do better than that.

Q5) What is the requirement or criteria to be met to be able to sell on the marketplace like their ebooks, online courses and why the name ccFound, where is the name derived from?
So in order to be allowed to sell on the platform only helpful people will be allowed
Process works like this
First you help other people by answering their questions
We like helping and advising as human species
We also like being liked for that
And we love discussing things
So in the end, by happily answering questions, what you get are upvotes (likes) and people who will subscribe you
From that, we derive reputation points
And once you reach a certain level (more to be disclosed in the future), an opportunity to publish your first product will be unblocked on the marketplace
So the marketplace will be full of reputable and trustworthy people only (or mostly!)
Also people like to buy from you if you have helped them in the past
This is the rule of reciprocity
And that’s how new experts and knowledge providers will be “born” as I would say
We create a space for people to finally be able to help other people while building their own communities and tribes at the same time, allowing them to reach those, and offer them their products in the same place
Withouth moving people around and across different websites… everything in one place, to share knowledge and wisdom, which is actually the most important thing in our lives nowadays
I think that was the last question and I have to run, so guys, please visit us at — please subscribe to the newsletter
You can find the whitepaper and 2pager there of course
And at the right hand corner click on “login”
Fill up the registration form
And after you go through KYC and AML, you can invest in us
I hope to see you soon on the other side, as one of our investors
Go to and stay in touch with us.

More information about ccFOUND:
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Website | Twitter | Medium | Telegram | YouTube | LinkedIn | Facebook | Whitepaper



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