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7 min readSep 20, 2021


Guest : Patrick Tluszcz (Founder & CEO)

I am Patrick and I am Founder of Bidda.
If I wanted to summarize my career in few words I would say — building startups.

In short — I was working mostly on early stage companies and providing them with technical consultancy and also coding for them — as a full stack developer with wide range of tools.

So now I am trying to translate what I learned in other startups to Bidda. And as for now it’s going cool 😅

The Bidda speculative and trading part comes from the fact that I am also a vivid trader.

I hated waiting in the queue and hated that I can’t simply overpay for something to get it faster.

I loved the idea of holding assets and I am also a little impatient.
So I merged the two and here comes Bidda — trading the appointments. 💪

Segment 1 — Project Introduction

Q1)We are so curious about Bid Da! please tell us about Bid Da in detail.

This is a reservation system for your visits at medicine and beauty service providers.

With a little difference — the traditional appointment is now an asset for you. Like a ticket. Freely tradable, transferable and “investable”. Think tokenizing the slots in the calendars of service providers.

But now with extra benefits of them being evaluated by the people that are booking them — instead of relying on fixed price that is set by the provider — which gives us few more options.

Q2)Can you provide an overview of $BID Tokenomics ?
A total of 10,000,000,000 BIDDA tokens will be created — total market supply.
Bidda tokens offered under ICO — 3,000,000,000.
Tokens are distributed accordingly:

Token Sale — 30%
Marketing & User Acquisition — 30%
Legal and Advisory — 10%
Team — 30%
We will BURN everything that’s left after the token sale.

This is copied — no sense to write it.

We charge 1% of the volume that is traded / reserved and split it to all our investors. We have an auction system for each of Calendar Slot that is progressively growing with the price of the auction. We charge also for the promotion of your services and a business.

On similar basis to Facebook Ads, You pay to get displayed on the front of the page and stuff, and also we charge for every transaction of an appointment when it’s performed without BIDA token — 3 %

To become our Stakeholder / Investor you’re required to possess 1M BIDA. (10k$) and as for now that’s all.

Q3) Please elaborate the security mechanism of Bid Da?
The underlying network is Polygon — Ethereum Sidechain that has all traits of ETH except it’s much more scalable. So underlying network and safety of the funds is just by default assured by the blockchain.

Our smart contracts will undergo ~3 months testing under conditions happening in real world before we put it on main net.

And of course few of auditing companies will be invited to audit them separately, CertiK for sure 😉.

So on our side — most of the security issues are handled and solved by blockchain.

Q4)Can you share your Roadmap with us? And tell us more about the goals you are planning to achieve.

Here is the link of RoadMap:

In short:
- in 2 days we close our presale
- it’s the last moment to get free Stakeholder Ticker worth 10k$

MVP -> more community -> more funds -> more businesses and clients.

Q5)Which partnerships you have now? Also which partnerships in the Future you will be Heading to ?
Long term partnerships — none.
It doesn’t really make sense for us to go and network and marketing on the social media and announcing it all the time.

But we manage to connect with Polish crypto youtubers and various Polish communities. That are helping us with some fan base and recognition.

Segment 2 — Questions from Twitter

Q1)Can you tell us which are the particular regions where we can avail bid da services!?Are there any age restrictions?
There 80 or so countries that are covered by our competition that only do booking.

Everything that is bookable — can be put on an auction.

So as there are almost no limits to reserving there wouldn’t be limits to Bidda unless you can’t pay for something and you need your parents.

Europe , States for first few years, This is the closest market for us. This is where giants like DocPlanner and Booksy started and definitely for first 6 months it’s only Poland. We have ambitions for full world wide coverage 😅

If you buy BIDA — we’ll be in your neighborhood quicker.

Q2) Can you mention the highlights of Bid Da project ? What are the competitive advantages? FOR Example : partnerships, team members, special technical insights, early backers, or anything else you think is part of the recipe for why Bid Da is well-positioned?
Bidda’s biggest advantage is being the only Snowflake in the world that lets you overpay for services.

Half of GDPs of countries are made of services, We need doctor, barber make up artists on almost daily basis, just as it’s sure you need to eat to the end of the life.

You need to sleep, You WILL need a haircut and a doctor at some point, We want to make everything that is not tradable. So we want to make an asset of everything that should be a tradable asset, But no one is actually making it a reality.

Starting with appointments,
1. Nobody is doing it
2. The booking apps are huge
3. People WANT to overpay

The premium segment of things is huge — people pay for stupid irrelevant things on the internet, Yet they can’t give their doctor twice money to get the visit faster.

HOW? I mean they could verbally, But they shouldn’t 😅. So yeah we are crypto competition to unicorn startups With an addition of DeFi, Loans for Appointments, Investing in Calendar Slots, A General appointments exchange all of that makes Bidda in pretty unique position.

Q3) When bidding for a job, is there any kind of fee that clients who post jobs have to pay for the use of the platform? Or perhaps to increase the exposure time that their bid is displayed on the platform?
Clients/Bidders — none
The auction owners 1%

The exposure time of a bid is not required, free to bid for everyone.

Pay us if you make money out of it, A very small fee 1% — no unwanted taxes

Q4) Ambassadors play a Crucial role in every project, So Do you have an Ambassador Program? If yes, how can I be one ?

We have an affiliate program for the incoming clients. But in terms of crypto space — we are actually looking for someone.

This is more a matter — what do you want ? So we can offer something cool individually. 😊 On top of basic things like tokens or something.

Q5) What wallets can currently support your tokens? Are you going to add up extra features in your ecosystem in future?
It’s standard ERC20 I believe every well known wallet can handle it . Yes we are going to make this entire app Gasless using Gas Relayers network
And on top of that we are introducing fee-less
fiat -> crypto payment gateway designed for specifically Bidda — then opened as a separate product. No more 2.9% credit cards fees, it’s necessary for Bidda to work.

Segment 3 — Live Telegram Questions

Q1) How do you plan to spread awareness about your project in different countries where English is not good? Do you plan to develop many different communities such as Vietnam, Indonesia, Korea, … about your project so that they can easily communicate and understand your project?
Yes we started working yesterday with Vietnamese guys. We plan to spread in entire Asia starting with South Korea and Vietnam.

Q2) I think your project is great so how is the way to buy your token? any presale and public sale?

Here all relevant info:

Q3) NFT and GameFi is rapidly expanding; are there any obstacles to entry for Bidda NFT in this market? What plans do you have to fully realize the market’s potential in order to compete with other NFT marketplaces such as CryptoPunks, Anxie Infinity, & Cool Cats?
GameFi is not in our interest and doesn’t lay in Bidda future features.

Q4) A thriving community attracts not only innovative ideas but also major partners to the project. So, how does $BIDA intend to grow its community? Is there a strategy for the $BIDA team to hire people with Blockchain experience?
We are preparing affiliate programs and giving our appointments just like Revolut did. Get us one business owner that creates account and sets up an auction and you’ll get a free appointment in app. This should snowball growth

Q5) Do you have a token burn or buyback program plan to attract investors?
We will burn all unsold tokens. This will lower the total supply a bit although I believe deflationary tokenomics are not necessary for the success of the project.

📚More Info about Bidda
Website: | Medium | Facebook | Whitepaper | LinkedIn