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6 min readSep 5, 2021


Guest : Hassan Ibrahim (CEO)

I’m Hassan Ibrahim. I work for Supreme Finance Project(HYPE) as a project CEO. I and my team are focusing on new kind Defi platform which is usable very convenient and easy even to newbie users.

Segment 1 — Project Introduction

Q1)We are so curious about Supreme Finance! please tell us about Supreme Finance in detail.
yes. Thank you for your interest about Supreme. Supreme Finance is a cross-chain DeFi service that started from the Ethereum mainnet and is a project built to connect and use various platforms such as BSC and KLAY. Currently, it is connected to the mainnet of Ethereum, BSC (BnB), and KLAY.

Q2)Can you provide an overview of $SUPREME Tokenomics ?
As you can see our whitepaper, Supreme’s Token provides various types of tokens depending on the mainnet that is the base. HYPE is Ethereum Base and HYPEB is BSC Base. Supreme is a gateway-like service that connects these various Defis to get the optimal APY (return rate).

As a simple example, in the case of other DeFi services, you simply have to select a service according to the customer’s preference from the listed pool, but in Supreme Finance, you can select the pool that provides the optimal APY with just a few choices.

Q3)What are the unique aspects of Supreme Finance that makes it a competitive project?
mm.. Currently, there are various Cross Chains in the DeFi world. Cross chains like Pancake and Orbit are similar projects. However, what is different from them is that it does not only connect in the form of a cross chain, but finds the optimal APY and provides it to customers.

In other words, it is not a simple cross-chain between mainnets, but a method that finds the most optimal APY Pool in each pool and provides it to customers.

Q4)Can you share your Roadmap with us? And tell us more about the goals you are planning to achieve.
Our current road map for 4Q 2021 is

- The third reward boosting of HYPE open
- Update Mobile Swap Feature
- Additional updates to enable transactions in addition to token-to-token swaps
- Private swap service based on various Open DeFi platform
- Star NFT Service Open
- AVA-HYPE Chain service Open

we have plans to expand our service with newly growing good chains consistently. that is our goal we would like to achieve.

Q5)Which partnerships you have now? Also which partnerships in the Future you will be Heading to ?
We are currently making partnership with global DeFi services, partnership with DeFi services in Asia, and recently partnered with Stabilizer Finance in Australia. In the future, we are negotiating additional chain services with AVALabs, which is active in the US.
Additionally, in the second half of the this year, we plan to start linking the NFT Pool and Metaverse Pool.

Segment 2 — Questions from Twitter

Q1) Are you planning to integrate NFT in Supreme Finance? Also Will there be any possible options for staking & farming ?
Yes. as I mentioned at last question, we are developing a unique type of NFT with joint partners recently. This is the same direction as star marketing in Korea and the US. Please look forward to the new NFT service that the combination of Hallyu stars and Hollywood actors will create.

NFT is not integrated with Supreme. It will be provided as a separate service. However, all NFT trading ecosystems will be distributed as HYPE.

In general staking and farming, various optional services are available, but Supreme offers only one very simple one. Those are things related to APY. Please check the Booster 3 service for details.

Q2) Hello, Supreme Finance has a lot of great features mentioned in the website but I can’t find anything about security. What are your strategies to anticipate hacking possibilities on the platform?

The platform has already undergone various hacking tests. Currently, the platform management team is responding to this with professional security services and token monitoring. In the future, we plan to respond to hacking with a platform in the form of a complete node.
Of course, we don’t think this preparation alone is perfect.
We want to continuously monitor and work with a professional anti-hacking team to increase the level of defense.

Q3) Token price creates an impression on the users. So how are you planning to maintain the token price? Will there be some kinds of burning/buy-back program?
HYPE token is not currently maintaining a high price. It is for the participation of many customers in the ecosystem. In the future, when the DeFi Pool and NFT platform operate normally and the listing on a large exchange has completed, we expect it will achieve a high price. In addition, since the fees operates through the NFT will be burned quarterly, this will be a positive effect of an additional price increase.
And every time additional platform tokens are announced, there are many factors of value increase because we will support a swap service for these tokens.

Q4)I saw that Supreme Finance will provide users with a wide range of services. With that in mind, what issues did you perceive on the market at the time that prompted you to build these services? How well would these services assist you in resolving your issues?
First, the complexity and accessibility of DeFi. Supreme Finance has focused on how to simplify these parts and provide customers with optimal revenue characteristics for each platform. Therefore, Supreme Finance does not simply pursue a full listing. Most important thing is that we make it easy for our customers to understand and utilize optimal returns across multiple platforms with a single click. It is the most basic part where even a beginner without specialized knowledge can pursue a real profit. In other words, Supreme Finance’s services will make it easy for non-professionals to provide DeFI refunds.

Q5) Liquidity is definitely a major attraction to investors .How are you planning to solve the liquidity problem of #SupremeFinance?
sure. our phase 2 service is currently open. We plan to attract a highly liquid team within the next two months. After the end of the year, we plan to secure additional liquidity through service sharing with overseas services.

Segment 3 — Live Telegram Questions

Q1) How about cloud computing security? While security breaches are rare, many businesses are still concerned about the security of their cloud services. How secure do you think cloud computing services are from hacking and smart contract vulnerabilities?

we are already using cloud security. Of course, I don’t think smart contracts alone are complete. Cloud security helps solve a wide variety of problems.

Q2) How do you plan to spread awareness about your project in different countries where English is not good? Do you have local communities like Russia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Korea, .. so they can learn easily and better understand your project? Or are you planning something that hasn’t been developed in other regions yet?
Our service is built in English currently. However, additionally, we will open customized services for various regions such as Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Russia and Japan. we are recruiting developers in the area to solve the language problems as well.

Q3) First, why does Supreme Finance continue to use Ethereum, despite its sluggish speed and expensive gas fee? Do you intend to deploy your mainet or integrate it to other scalable chains in the future, such as BSC, PolkaDot, Polygon, or Solana?
Yes, we currently started with Ethereum. However, from Booster 3 onwards, BSC, Solana, and Klay will be opened first. Of course, fees are an important issue.

Q4) Each project has interesting stories before it is created. So can you tell people about the story that gave you the motivation to build and develop a great project like your???
We are made up of experts who ran exchanges and developers who developed DeFi in the early days. We know how new services can affect our customers. It is very exhilarating and interesting. We’ve come together for this project with the goal of surprising everyone with our vision.

Q5) How important is the community to you? and how can we collaborate or help you for the development of the project?

For most crypto projects, community activities should be prioritized. Naturally, we are offering a new governance token called HYPEX for users to participate in governance. Therefore, it is a service that users from various countries create together.
In the long run, you can acquire high rewards, which is the biggest advantage of DeFi finance. Because we are a cross chain, we can receive various platform tokens as rewards.

📚More Info about Supreme Finance
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