Crypto Thrust x Supreme Finance AMA

Guest : Hassan Ibrahim (CEO)

Segment 1 — Project Introduction

Q1)We are so curious about Supreme Finance! please tell us about Supreme Finance in detail.
yes. Thank you for your interest about Supreme. Supreme Finance is a cross-chain DeFi service that started from the Ethereum mainnet and is a project built to connect and use various platforms such as BSC and KLAY. Currently, it is connected to the mainnet of Ethereum, BSC (BnB), and KLAY.

Segment 2 — Questions from Twitter

Q1) Are you planning to integrate NFT in Supreme Finance? Also Will there be any possible options for staking & farming ?
Yes. as I mentioned at last question, we are developing a unique type of NFT with joint partners recently. This is the same direction as star marketing in Korea and the US. Please look forward to the new NFT service that the combination of Hallyu stars and Hollywood actors will create.

Segment 3 — Live Telegram Questions

Q1) How about cloud computing security? While security breaches are rare, many businesses are still concerned about the security of their cloud services. How secure do you think cloud computing services are from hacking and smart contract vulnerabilities?



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