Crypto Thrust x Only1 NFT AMA

Guest : Leon Lee (Founder & CEO )

Segment 1 — Project Introduction

Q1) We are so curious about Only1NFT! please tell us about Only1NFT in detail.
Only1 is the first NFT-powered social media built on Solana — the most scalable blockchain to date. Social media users want to feel more connected with the creators on the platform. And in conventional social media, creators have to go through middle-man to sell merchandise, paid advertisements, shout-outs, or any form of partnerships. Our innovation through NFT aim to cut out the need for these middle-man, and we do this through two novel mechanisms.

Segment 2 — Questions from Twitter

Q1) #Only1Nft I’m intrigued by the name of your project,also your tagline The first NFT-powered social engagement platform Can you tell us more about it? Why did you chose to name your project #Only1NFT ??
Earlier this year, we saw the rise of NFTs with its sales volume rising by up to 2800% from 2020 on various marketplaces. Only1’s inspiration came when we started looking at proven business models that could be disrupted with NFTs, we stumbled across — Onlyfans. And each creator will (at the beginning) only have 1 genesis-NFT, and hence 1 owner of the staking pool. This unique connection, is what gave rise to the name — Only1.

Segment 3 — Live Telegram Questions

Q1) Could you tell me what is the strategy of the company to finance the marketing campaign that will be necessary to gain visibility and build a user base?
Ans. Only1 has some of the best backers in the industry including alameda research, GBV, NGC and so on. In total we would have raised $2M to fund our growth operations

📚More Info about Only1 NFT

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