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Guest : James (CEO- Galaxium Phoenix)

Segment 1 — Project Introduction

Q1)Please brief us about Galaxium Phoenix in detail.

Galaxium Phoenix GMPX is a charity and social coin. It was designed to help people who are less fortunate. My own story of why can also be viewed on our YouTube channel. Helping others has always been the main focus of Galaxium. When you think of new coins you see the CEO flashing around in fancy cars basically spending all your money on Their own life style. THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN AT GALAXIUM. We want to build a coin for everyone to become rich. We want to help as many causes as…

Guest : Leon Lee (Founder & CEO )

Hi everyone, let me start with a quick introduction to myself as well as the project. I was trained as a genetic engineer, then worked in tech ever since. I also participated in ICOs earlier in 2017, so as a builder I always wanted to build something in crypto.

Segment 1 — Project Introduction

Q1) We are so curious about Only1NFT! please tell us about Only1NFT in detail.
Only1 is the first NFT-powered social media built on Solana — the most scalable blockchain to date. Social media users want to feel more connected with the creators on the platform. And in conventional social media, creators have…

Guest :

1) Victor Kaycee (CEO)

Hello Everyone, I am Victor Kaycee Founder/CEO @ SURECRYPTO PTY LTD. I’m honored to be here with you at this moment being that this is the first inter-community AMA section of the SureCrypto project. Am so glad to be here. Thanks you all once more.

2) Glory Lucas ( Head of Marketing)

My name is Glory Lucas , Co-founder and Head of Marketing for Surecrypto.

We are so happy to be here. Sharing the beautiful things we have been doing and the things we intend to do for the Global Crypto Community at large.

Segment 1 — Project Introduction

Q1. Could you please Introduce yourself to the community??

Hello Everyone, I am…

Guest : Chris Xin (core developer)

Hello everyone, CryptoThrust partners, I am Chris Xin, the core developer of SIMBA Finance. I am very happy to be able to conduct an AMA at CryptoThrust. Thank you community partners for listening and participating.

Segment 1 — Project Introduction

Q1) Chris Xin, can you introduce yourself and experience in the Blockchain industry?
I completed my studies at Cornell University in the United States. After graduation, I worked in a number of technology companies, and then did system development at Apple. During this process, I started to get in touch with blockchain and Bitcoin. Later, I thought this was a very cutting-edge field, so I joined…

Guest : Mr. Jimmy (CM)

Sure! Please call me Jimmy, I am the community manager of Helios Cash. If you have already join the Helios community I’m sure you know me already. And I will be the guy answer all your questions related to Helios in the future.

Segment 1 — Project Introduction

Q1. What are your strategies to manage and develop HeliosCash to gain a position in the market and become a competitive project in the blockchain industry?

First of all, I’m sure we have all witness the bleeding of crypto market recently.

Therefore, a stable investment environment is the most urgent and necessary factor in the crypto market.

CryptoThrust X Mars Ecosystem AMA

Guest: Dr. Marvin

I am Dr. Marvin. I’m the first aboriginal on Mars and one of the ambassadors of Mars Ecosystem. And I will be your guide and friend along the journey to Mars!
Mars Ecosystem is a new decentralized stablecoin paradigm. Its goal is to propose a stablecoin system that can solve the positive externality problem and the integration problem, and has the characteristics of high price stability, high degree of decentralization, and high scalability.

Segment 1- Project Introduction

Q1) Can you give us a brief description about Mars Ecosystem project and how you came up with the idea?
Yes, of course. Mars Ecosystem…

Guest: Piotr Michalak (CEO)

Guys, I’ve been doing business for the past 15 years online. Always in the education & information industry. Built a multi-million dollar company from scratch: that’s the largest crypto publishing house in Poland. And…
That’s what inspired me to finally solve some of the information industry problems that no one seems to know how to solve. So…
Last year I’ve done a private sale for ccFOUND and generated 1.3M USD in two weeks. We hired 30 people. And here we are, going international now. Please understand, I am more of a normal businessperson than a crypto guy. Although…

Guest: Hardev Dhillon (Co-Founder)

Greetings Everyone 👋🏻
‌Its great to e-meet you all today, and thanks for tuning into this AMA!
I am Hardev Dhillon, the Co-Founder of YSL.IO

Segment 1- Project Introduction

Q1) Please introduce YSL and its products/features. Please give a brief introduction.
Our project name is derived from the key features of our unique protocol; high YEILDS, rewards for STAKING and locked LIQUIDITY.
YSL.IO 💎 = [ ⭐️ Yield + 💗 Staking + 🌊 Liquidity ] = 🚀
And our goal is to make YSL.IO the best place for DeFi users to maximise returns on their crypto assets!
We accomplish this through our completely novel…

Guest: Granvill (Community Building and Management)

Hi audience from Crypto Thrust Circle, I’m Granvill and I’m in charge of community building and management as well as promotion on SHIELD team. It’s a pleasure to be here and share with you all.

Segment 1- Project Introduction

Q1) What is SHIELD Protocol and what are its features/products? Please give a brief introduction.
SHIELD Protocol is not a project but more of a movement, a wave and a trend that leads the future!
Shield’s unique sAsset minting mechanism can bring all financial assets on chain. We aim at breaking the barrier between the real world and the digital world…

Guests: BB Spike (Founder) & Abhishek Pegada (CEO)

Abhishek: Hi! I am Abhishek Pegada, a blockchain technology admirer and CEO at Fabwelt.
BB: I am BB Spike, i’m from Holland. Founder of Fabwelt. Since 2017 into the crypto space.

Segment 1- Project Introduction

Q1) What is FABWELT and what are its features? Please give a brief introduction.
Fabwelt Token is a revolutionary concept which brings the world of blockchain, NFTs and future gaming together. Gaming is a big growing industry in this period. It is expected to grow with diverse opportunities for user wanting it. Blockchain industry provides a breathtaking platform for all the gamers…

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